Hello, my name is Joe Romersa.

I am a Digi-log.

What is a Digi-log? A Sound Engineer Musician and Photographer who has lived to see the changes from the Analog to the now Digital World.

Sound, Music and Voices have been my passion my entire life.  Started with a reel-to-reel tape machine, to now stretching time and pitch on my Mac computer using Pro Tools, Logic and Digital Performer.  I used to use razor blades, now there’s an app for that!

My Music and Sound career has also crossed over into Video Production. And yes, I started as a youth in a darkroom developing photos “old school” style and studied Super 8 film. Now using Final Cut Pro, Digital Cameras, Photoshop, Motion and After Effects.

I am proficient in working in the following areas ...

Music Production  Video Recording  Deep Voice Acting Drummer
Sound Editing Video Editing ADR Directing Singer/Songwriter
Sound Design    Color Correction  ADR Writing Composer
Foley           Motion Graphics   ADR Recording Record Company Owner
Dialog Editing    Video Effects Monster Voices  
Music Editing      

- Lover of Nature. Student and friend of eden ahbez songwriter of "Nature Boy".

- Philosopher of Love and Life with big eyes and ears for art.

- A proud father. All that practice paid off!

- Strive to live an honest life. Have no respect for empty words.

- A sense of humor, something one needs in this business.

- Ready for anything because anything can happen.

- I’m a self admitted workaholic, always need to be productive.

A teacher once told me, “Your eyes and ears are inputs, your mouth is output and you can’t listen and talk at the same time.” I have a great thirst for learning and have learned much in this life.

Jammed and recorded with Bob Dylan. Had dinner with Johnny Cash & June Carter during my recording days with Carlene Carter and John Prine. Working as drummer and sound engineer for Heartbreaker bassist Howie Epstein were days I will never forget.

Am proud to have been in the first and only Thai-Western band called “Soy Cowboy”. Along with producing and engineering, this was my first experience being a front man.

With the exception of Soy Cowboy, I’ve toured as a drummer with various rock, blues and funk bands. Engineered and Produced many bands and solo artists. And like many in the music business, advanced to Post Production work. That’s when I found Anime.

In 1993 connected with Les Claypool and Zro Limit Productions at Magnitude 8 Post to record ADR for Japanese Animation called “Anime”. It was here I found myself Engineering, Directing and Voice Acting many Anime & Video Games. One of those video games was Silent Hill. I wrote lyrics and sang on a couple songs for Silent Hill.

I consider myself an Artist and Digi-log.
Be it a large project or small, I’m always open to new things and putting my all and best into everything I do.

Ears, Eyes and Voice for hire with a creative mind and loving spirit. That’s me in a place called Shadow Box Studio.


Joe Romersa's skills:

His web-site shadowboxstudio.com/home.htm has many things to show,

because he has done many things.

His 50 year life so far, as a musician, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist

and vocalist. Won a Grammy in 91.

Thirty years experience as a Sound Engineer.

Twenty years of Sound Design

Using technologies from analog or digital. Music to Post Production.

Major work with Macintosh, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Neve, SSL and Tascam etc...

His studio SHADOW BOX STUDIO is a full production studio.


People Skills:

People like Joe because he makes projects sound and look good.

Joe likes people because of the above.

Joe likes smiling faces.


Contact Joe e-mail

or phone 818-708-0220

Let's talk about what you're working on!